MTM Recognition Division guarantees absolute satisfaction for all of its products. We will repair or replace your appreciation gift, depending on the problem and whether we made or purchased the item.

MTM Recognition® Brand Watches MTM Recognition® Award Rings Stones in MTM Recognition® Rings and Jewelry Custom Emblems Awards from Other Manufacturers Exchange Procedures

MTM Recognition® Brand Watches

Watches are guaranteed to be free of defects in workmanship or material for three years from the date of presentation. MTM Recognition will provide free battery replacement and cleaning service for the life of the watch.

MTM Recognition warranties cannot cover damage due to abuse or ordinary wear and tear of the plating, crystal or band.


MTM Recognition® Award Rings

We guarantee that our rings will be free of defects in workmanship and materials for the life of the ring. Recipients may return their ring at any time for cleaning, re-polishing or refinishing at no charge.

Also at no charge: MTM Recognition will re-size rings by a maximum of two ring sizes. And, we will tighten the stones in fashion design rings at any time.

In the event of accidental damage to the ring itself or unusual circumstances, MTM Recognition will examine the jewelry and notify the owner of repair costs.


Stones in MTM Recognition® Rings and Jewelry

MTM Recognition warrants all stones, including diamonds, for life. This warranty extends to loss due to improper setting or defects in manufacturing. However, MTM Recognition is not responsible for replacing diamonds, natural stones or synthetic gemstones whose loss is not due to manufacturing defects.

Pearl items can be returned for restringing at no charge to the customer. The customer will also receive a complimentary cleaning.

Also, recipients may return all MTM Recognition jewelry emblems for free stone tightening and cleaning for the life of the emblem.


Custom Emblems

MTM Recognition guarantees emblems to be free of defects in material and workmanship for the life of the emblem. Award jewelry can be returned to MTM Recognition at any time for cleaning, adjusting or stone tightening at no charge. In the event that repairs are required due to accidental damage, breakage or other unusual circumstances, the jewelry item will be examined, and the recipient will be notified of repair costs.


Awards from Other Manufacturers

Awards from other manufacturers are subject to the manufacturer’s published warranty. MTM Recognition handles all claims for such products.


Exchange Procedures

The exchange procedure during the stated warranty period is a simple three-step process. Should you ever need to return a product:

  1. Contact the program administrator or your MTM Recognition customer service representative.

  2. MTM Recognition will make arrangements to repair or replace the original product.

  3. MTM Recognition returns the new or repaired product to you or the program administrator.

MTM Recognition completes most product exchanges within two weeks, subject to limitations imposed by vendors and manufacturing requirements.