Q:  I have passed my anniversary date. Can I still order my award?
A:  Please contact your program coordinator.

Q:  My address has changed since I ordered and I have not received my award. Who do I contact?
A:  Contact your Service Award Customer Service Representative. Address changes can be made prior to shipping.

Q:  May I have my award shipped to my home?
A:  All awards are shipped according to the specifications indicated by your company. MTM Recognition is under contract to deliver the awards only as directed.

Q:  My award is broken or does not work. May I return it?
A:  View our return policy here.

Q:  Can I have my award engraved?
A:  Many items come with engraving. See the item descriptions in the award materials. You may be able to add engraving through a local jeweler for items that do not come engraved.

Q:  Can you make a donation in my name to a charitable organization instead of me selecting a gift item?
A:  MTM Recognition is under contract to supply awards for all employee anniversaries. However, you may choose to donate your item to a charitable organization of your choice.